PR+P - week 3: The apple(s) of my eye

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I can’t believe week 3 is already here and I certainly can’t believe I won last week… THANK YOU all so so so much! I have no words to express how grateful I am and this whole experience has already been incredible! To be honest when I saw the announcement of this year’s themes and I read this week’s theme ‘turnip the beet’ my mind went blank. I couldn’t think of anything to fit this theme, but I also figured it was week 3’s theme so chances were I wouldn’t be in the competition anymore 😉


My original plan was to make something for my oldest boy and my girl because my oldest hasn't gotten a new outfit in this competition. But i overlooked the fact that both my oldest boys are on holiday for the weekend with their scouts group. So my two little ones got a new outfit again!







The last couple of weeks we had the most lovely sunshine and warm weather and that’s the cue for my husband to eat outside, every chance he gets: he wants to eat outside… So I figured it would be fun to celebrate the changing of the seasons, the weather turning warmer and the possibility to eat outside again. So I made my two littlest the perfect outfit for a picnic and a day at the park 😊


I started with the strawberry & apple fabric and found these fruit prints designed by Loes van Oosten for Cotton+Steel and thought they would be perfect to match this theme! My boy got an little apple shirt and matching dungarees and my girl got a strawberry dress. To make it truly perfect for a picnic I made a quilt blanket with the pears fabric.




For my boy I made dungarees in this olive green denim tricot and I used the Zeke pattern from Made for Mermaids as a starting point. I changed the front & back bodice slightly to make it a little broader/wider. Then I changed the pockets to patch pockets because I think that looks a little more outside-style. And lastly I also changed the fit of the pants and made them more loose, especially at the bottom.




Underneath his dungarees I made him an apple shirt. I used the Alder pattern from Sunflower Seams as a starting point, changed the sides so it would be more fitting and not so loose and changed the collar. I wanted it thave a mandarin collar to give it a more casual look. I love making shirts for my boys and I think a collar looks so cool and casual at the same time!



To finish his look I added some ribbon & a bow to his favourite summer hat, using the same fabric as that of his shirt.


For my girl I found this strawberry fabric and pink broderie that matched, so I wanted to play with that combination in designing her dress. I used Canterbury from Little Lizard King as a starting point for the bodice. I used the shape of the back of this dress for the front as well and then I added length to the top of the bodice so I could have a fake pinafore look of her dress. I made a short, puffed sleeve with a shirred hem so I could use the original scalloped border of the fabric.






The skirt I drew from scratch and I wanted it to have some overlay in the front so the underskirt would be showing in the front. I also wanted the bottom of the underskirt to be visible from all view points of the skirt. Especially because the broderie fabric I used has a scalloped border and that was perfect to use as a hem! The overlay that I wanted I created was with the strawberry fabric and I added some extra ruffles to the skirt to make it more playful. I gathered both skirts (underskirt & overlay) separately to have a fuller look of her dress. And I truly love how it turned out and when I saw her smile when I first put it on her, that made my day!!


A picnic isn’t complete without a picnic blanket so I made a quilt blanket for them. I found matching pear fabric from Loes Van Oosten for Cotton+Steel and combined it with matching solid & colour fabrics. I have never made a blanket like this but I thought of Pipi Longstocking’s saying ‘I have never tried that before, so I should definitely be able to do that’ 😉





I made a few sketches of how I could make a simple pattern in the quilt and when I was happy, I started sewing. Truth be told: it was easier then I had anticipated! For the backside of their blanket I kept it a little simpler and just used the pear fabric and created a border in one of the solid colours. So they can chose which side they want to used and I’m pretty happy with how their new quilt picnic blanket looks!




If you have read this far: thank you so much! You can hop on over to the Project Run & Play blog and cast your vote for your two favourite looks!



And lastly I sincerely hope I can show you my project of next week in this competition 😉 But please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, questions or remarks you might have or leave a respons! 









For who’s interested in the fabrics I used, here’s a list of the fabrics and the places I bought them (they’re all situated in Belgium).





Quilt blanket:



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