PR+P - week 4: Colour your life!

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Wow! I can’t believe it’s already signature style week and it’s incredible to still be here! Thank you all so much, I have no words to express how grateful and excited I am! It’s been so much fun to sew for each week’s challenge and this week was no different.


I feel like I’m still figuring out my true signature style (or maybe that will always keep evolving 😉) and one of the things I actually love about sewing is how you can create a whole different vibe using different (types of) fabric or patterns and you can go retro once, romantic the next or contemporary another time.


So to find out my signature style, I thought of what I love most about sewing: working with beautiful, colourful and different types of fabrics and making items my kids love and wear a lot. I also wanted to make something for all my kids this week, so they each got a new outfit. As a starting point I asked them individually what their favourite colour is and I used that as a base for their whole look. I also love matching looks & details, without it being too much the same (though I have to admit I do love some obvious twinning looks as well 😆)


Tristan & Noah were the easiest because blue & green have been their favourite colours for a while now. And I was excited about blue because that would match with my ideas perfectly 😉


Jakob his favourite colour changes a lot and sometimes it's yellow, sometimes it's red... So I figures if I would use yellow & brown colours he would be happy. But I got him seriously excited with the lion fabric of his Tee 😃


And Marilou is still learning all the colours so for her it worked to show her my fabric stash and she picked out the pink denim which got me very excited 😜



For my boys I wanted to make their tops with some extra details and they all got different animal printed fabric to match the colour they chose. For my youngest (with the lion tee) I  used a basic tee, changed the neckline to a boatneck and added ¾ sleeves.

My middle boy got a fitted shirt in knit. I have always wanted to try making a shirt in knit and this seemed the perfect occasion 😊 I used Alder from Sunflower Seams as a base, changed the sides and added darts to the back to create a fitted shirt. I changed the sleeves and added strips of double gauze to them, the pocket, the collar & the collar stand. He was happy with the little kaolas on his fabric. 

And lastly my oldest boy got a polo shirt, using the same pattern as a base as Noah but changing it to a polo and for him I used the same linen fabric of his pants for the collar, collar stand & pocket. 



I love using different types of fabrics, so for my boys I used double gauze, linen & corduroy. My youngest got dungarees, using the Zeke pattern from Made for Mermaids as a base. I changed the back completely and made them short. For my middle & oldest boy I used the Prose & Poetry cargo pants from PR+P as a base, changed all the pockets and the lengths. My oldest got them to just above his ankles, my middle to above the knee. I also made a reverse hem to both their pants.



And for my girl I really really love using florals, so when I saw this gorgeous colourful rayon from Art Gallery Fabrics At Minerva, I knew it would perfect for her! I used the Mackinac Island dress from Little Lizard King as a starting point but I love dresses with a beautiful backside. So for this dress I created a V-shaped back, with the V all the way to her waist. And for the skirt I added a circle skirt that’s gathered at the waist.


And then their jackets: it’s something I love making! I love how you can add fun details and it’s something they wear a lot. And I’m a sucker for denim jackets, so to start I searched for denim in the colours of their look and made them all a denim jacket. And then for my youngest and oldest boy I also used them same cotton lining in a different colourway, so they can secretly twin 😉






I used Pacifica from Little Lizard King as a starting point for all of them. I changed everything for each one of them to add more or less details like ruffles, a zipper, inseam pockets, patch pockets, chest pockets, different pieces and views of the front & back, elastic at the waist, simple sleeves, sleeves with a placket, sleeves with elastic… I really had so much fun creating these!





Tristan got the blue jacket: for him I changed the front & back to resemble the lines of a classic denim jacket so the front & back are fully pieced. I added a chest pocket to his and added a regular collar. His sleeves got a functioning placket.


Noah got the green jacket. He really wanted pockets he could use easily so I added inseam pockets and made the front & back pieced. I also added a visible zipper without a windshield at his request. His sleeves also got elastic.


Jakob got the yellow jacket. I made his front and back simple and added patch pockets that have the same shape as that of Tristan's chest pocket. Their lining is also similar so I thought it would be a fun twinning detail ;-) At his back I added an elastic at the hips.


And Marilou got the pink jacket. I added ruffles to the neck & bottom of the jacket and made the front & back fully pieced in the more tradional cutlines of a denom jacket. 



If you have read this far, thank you so much! I would love it if you hopped on over to the Project Run & Play blog and vote for your two favourite designs of this signature style challenge!


Love Nele





For who’s interested in the fabrics I used, here’s a list of the fabrics and the places I bought them (they’re all situated in Belgium).




  • Tee: Lion cotton jersey, bought at De Stoffenknop
  • Dungarees: Umber brown corduroy from See You at six, bought at Toverstof

  • Jacket: outside yellow denim, bought at Toverstof, inside cotton from Cloud 9, bought at De Stoffenkamer







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